Hi, I’m Lloyd Eldred, a tech nerd with interests in computers, video, and photography. From time to time I like to write up an article on a fun project that I’ve worked on in order to share my research, process, and results. I’ve been putting these on various other sites that I host but decided it was time to consolidate them here, all in one place. While I am actually a rocket scientist, my articles here will be on non-aerospace topics where I’m just a hobbyist.

My other webpages that cover some other interests of mine:

Since I’ve been asked, my “Not Flat – We Checked” shirt with the NASA-like logo came from Amazon and is available on a variety of shirt, jackets, mugs, etc.

You can contact me at lloyd at lloydtech dot org.

Many of the product links in my articles are affiliate links that will pay me when items are purchased using them.