Finished model

I am very impressed with the Mega Bloks Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. It is a truly massive model of the starship from the original Star Trek series. It is made by Mega Bloks rather than Lego, but the quality and detail are excellent.

Parts sorted and partially assembled. Red, yellow and blue at right is the inside of the saucer section.

The model is made of 3098 pieces. Unlike Lego, they are not sorted into bags by assembly order, but rather semi-randomly. So, some initial sorting helped keep my sanity. I also kept a log of pieces that I was temporarily unable to find and what instruction step they were used in. I eventually found and placed them all, but it took a while.

Half finished saucer section

One of the things that surprised me is that the model is entirely solid. There are no hollow void areas in it. So, large parts like the saucer section take quite a while to build up and are pretty heavy when finished.

Finished Saucer Section

All of the details are silk screen painted onto the pieces at the factory. There are no stickers to get old and peel off.

Finished nacelle

The orange (front) end of the nacelle will briefly light up when pressed and flicker with yellow and orange light similar to what was in the show.

Due to the scale of the model, there is an incredible amount of detail everywhere. I have built several different models of this vehicle from the original plastic model through to this and this model has the most detail.

Completed major assemblies ready to combine. Note the fine details.

Once the major assemblies are complete, they slide onto the corresponding struts. Not visible is a large wide strut that fits into the black display base to keep the whole model stable on the table.

Assembly took me several days during a snowstorm when both work and school were closed.

Rear view of the finished model
On display at work with the Lego ISS and art from my son.

The finished model is just under 3 feet long and weighs over 9 pounds. You can buy the model from Amazon here: Mega Bloks Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701